137. Make a Trip to the Emergency Room

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Emergency Room

I’ve checked in to the emergency room twice before when my babies were about to be born. Today I made a trip there that was a million times more scary. My six-month-old son, Billy, took a pretty bad tumble down a steep flight of hardwood stairs.  For this post, I’ll share a generic emergency room photo, but the snapshots of these nervous few hours will live in my mind forever.

Emergency Room

After a quick exam and a cat scan, the emergency room doctor at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington says it looks like all is well. Billy has a couple of bad bruises, but he’s ok and I feel so fortunate. This little guy’s smiles make my day. I love him so much and I feel so thankful. The staff at Good Shepherd was kind and hospitable and the emergency area was immaculate and really impressive. We’ll be watching our little bruiser overnight to make sure all is well, but, I’ll admit, I’d rather not have reason to return to the emergency room anytime soon.

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