260. A Gadget Guy’s Guide to Holiday Gifts for Guys

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Barrington Gadget Guy's Guide to Holiday Gifts for Guys

You might not know this, but we recently created a social network just for people who want to connect with others and share information about things to do and life here in Barrington.  You’ll find that network by visiting 365Barrington.net.

Eric Barker of Moraine Woods Consulting, Inc.One of the people who already found and joined the network is a Barrington home inspector by the name of Eric Barker.  Eric has lived in Barrington since 1952.  He has been a licensed home inspector since 1993 and says he loves his job because it involves helping people.  Eric is one of the moderators on the American Society of Home Inspectors’ (ASHI) website forum and he enjoys sharing his knowledge about home maintenance with others.  Eric recently wrote several blog posts at 365Barrington.net about home safety tips and tools he loves to use for his business and around his house.  If you’re a die-hard gadget hound, if you’re related to one or if you play one on TV, here are Eric’s top four “gotta have” gadgets for 2010.

Folding Ladder from Little GiantLittle Giant Ladders

Eric Says:”One of my most useful tools is a Little Giant folding ladder that I have used for years.  The Little Giants are high quality and begin in the $300 range, but there are similar units which cost less.  For a homeowner, the 17 foot ladder would be perfect – it folds down to about 5 feet.

A Guy's Guide to Holiday Gifts for GuysStreamlight Ultrastinger Flashlight

Eric Says: “Inspectors are hopelessly into flashlights – it’s kind of a fetish with us!  I use two rechargeable Streamlight Ultraastingers which you can find at Batteries Plus for about $110.  These are very bright lights – far beyond your typical D size flashlights.  Now inspectors are going bananas over the Fenix line of flashlights – particularly the TK40 which is said to be insanely bright.  This light runs on 8AA batteries which provide hours worth of light.  This TK40 is now on my wish list.

Barrington Gadget Guy's Guide to Holiday Gifts for GuysLaser Distance Meter

Eric Says: “This uses a laser beam to instantly measure distances.  A practical unit would have a 100 foot range with an accuracy of about 1/8 of an inch.”  The laser distance meters make measuring large areas a one-man job and Eric says Fluke is an excellent manufacturer.  Laser distance meters range in cost from about $40 to over $800.  A great place to find laser distance meters is at ProfessionalEquipment.com.

Barrington Home Inspector, Eric Barker, says Infrared Thermometers make Great Holiday Gifts for GuysInfrared Thermometer

Eric Says: The fourth item on my list certainly falls into the toy category.  An infrared thermometer will provide an instant temperature reading of the surface that it is aimed at.  This would be useful for finding a cold or hot spot on a wall or ceiling if you wanted to figure out where your home was lacking insulation.” Eric says ProfessionalEquipment.com is also a great place to find infrared thermometers.   They’re a great way to help increase the energy efficiency of your home and they range in price from about $50 to over $1,000.

For more information about Eric Barker, visit his home inspection website at MoraineWoods.com.  He has a great section on his site where you’ll find photos and explanations of things he comes across in the field.  It’s called Critial Eye and you’ll find it on the left side of his home page.

If you have anything you’d like to spread the word about here in Barrington, please feel free to share information about events, favorite places or your business at the 365 Barrington social network which you’ll find by clicking HERE.  You’ll also find it by clicking on the “Network” tab on the right side of the red navigation menu at the top of this website.  The network is brand new, all are welcome and the more people who join, the more useful it will be!

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