193. 5 Tips to Help Our Pets Beat the Heat

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With the National Weather Service reporting that temperatures in our area could reach a high near 104 degrees today, we’re on target to possibly surpass the the highest temperature ever recorded in Chicago — 105 degrees, set on July 24, 1934.  So medical experts are urging caution in this extreme heat and veterinarians say that goes for our pets, too.

Barrington Animal Hospital Practice Manager, Doreen McGregor, says it’s critical that we take special care of our pets with temperatures this high.  Here are five tips or reminders today, in Doreen’s own words, to help keep our four legged friends safe…

1.  Keep the Water Flowing
“Our main concerns with the high temperatures involve some common sense things worth mentioning.  First, it’s imperative that you make sure your pets have plenty of cold and clean water.”
2.  Time Your Walks
“Save walks with your pets for early morning or late evening when it’s a little bit cooler outside.”
3.  Be Prepared
“Bring an extra container of water when you’re out walking with your pet.  Every time you need a drink of water, give your pet a drink too.”
4.  Protect their Paws 
“One of our main concerns is that people pay attention to how hot asphalt and sidewalks can get and remember that hot pavement can severely burn your pet’s paws.  If it feels too hot to your hands, chances are it’s too warm for your pet to safely walk on.”
5.  Keep them Out of the Car
“Leaving a pet in the car for any period of time is extremely dangerous.  On an 80 degree day, the temperature in your car can reach 120 degrees in under 10 minutes.  When you think about a day like today, temperatures in our cars are frighteningly high.”

If you’d like more information about pet safety and care in this heat or any day of the year, you can reach Barrington Animal Hospital by phone at 847-381-4100, on Facebook at Facebook.com/BarringtonAnimalHospital or on their website at BarringtonAnimalHospital.com.  Stay cool!

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