308. Great Gifts of “Warmth” and “Time” at Solisq

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If you’re looking for something unique for the special woman in your life, there’s a brand new vintage inspired jewelry and accessories store in Barrington’s Ice House Mall. It’s called Solisq, and it’s only been open for a few weeks.

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You’ll find so many special pieces at Solisq that you’ll be sure to find that great one-of-a-kind gift. “I try to make all of my items in my collection very unique,” says owner Gina Ahn.  “I just try to choose designs that you can’t really find at a mainstream mall.”

Post - Solisq Owner Gina Ahn

We asked Gina what’s one great gift idea for this holiday season and she immediately shared the idea of giving “the gift of warmth” or “the gift of time” with several very creative suggestions, starting with her cashmere scarves.

Post - Solisq Scarves and Shawls

She says they’re a great way to keep warm and stylish this winter and they’re on special for $34!   “It’s a little pop of color in a luxurious material.”

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Solisq carries hats and gloves as well as an array of fashion scarves with varying details featuring a two-sided finish or those that turn into an infinity loop.  “Even though they’re a small item, it’s something you can have with you and always think of the one who gave it to you.  Or if you gift it to yourself, it makes you feel special.”

Post - Infinity Scarves at Solisq

And as for the gift of time, Gina offered another clever suggestion…

She also specializes in vintage inspired jewelry. “I’ve always enjoyed old things,” says Gina. “I’ve always been drawn more to my mother’s jewelry box then just going to the mall and getting something new.”

Post - Solisq Clock Necklaces

One item that will surely catch your eye are the necklace clocks. They come in a variety of sizes and designs.

Post - Solisq Timepieces

And one of our favorite gift ideas at Solisq are these super cool bird on a wire earrings.

Post - Solisq Bird Earrings

The store’s name is as unique as its accessories. Gina, who was born in the United States, but raised in Athens, Greece, named the store after the first neighborhood she lived in when she moved backed to the states in 1997.  She lived just South of Lincoln Square. Hence the acronym, S.O.L.I.S.Q.

Post - Solisq Sign

Check out Solisq located at 200 Applebee Street at the Ice House Mall in Barrington.  You’ll also find Solisq online at Solisq.com.

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