28. Catlow Memories Contest Winner Revealed!

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Catlow Theater - Courtesy of Leslie Rowe

We loved reading the entries in the contest we hosted this week to give away two tickets to tomorrow afternoon’s sold-out showing of 10 short films up for Oscars this Sunday.  For a chance to win the tickets, we asked readers to share their answer to one question:  What’s your favorite Catlow Theater memory?

We received quite a few responses, like this one from reader, Leslie Rowe, who also shared the following photo.

Catlow Memories, by Leslie Rowe

“The Catlow is a staple in Barrington’s history and landscape. I will never forget running past it almost every day after school for my 4 years at Barrington High School. We would run past it on our way to-and-from track and cross country work outs. From the Catlow to BHS is about 800 meters – meaning you’re in the home stretch!  The Catlow meant you were almost home! :)”

Submitted by Leslie Rowe
Courtesy of Leslie Rowe

Here are more of the Catlow memories submitted by readers in our contest this week…

Catlow Memories – by Lynn Cannon

“I have so many fond memories of the Catlow, from my first kiss as a teenager to holding hands watching movies with my husband during the past 41 years of our marriage.  But, because I am a person who loves to laugh, my favorite memories are of the laughter I’ve shared with other women in, of all places, the Ladies Restroom at the Catlow Theater!…

Post - Catlow Contest Photo
Submitted by Lynn Cannon

“(I’m attaching a photo from a comical website that reminds me of the Catlow’s Restroom.  I’m tempted to tape it to the inside of the stall door the next time I’m there.)

The stalls are so small that it’s a real challenge to close the door in front of you once inside.

The door is so close to the front of the commode that, when a “first-timer” leans forward to sit down, they almost always bump their head and start laughing.

And, of course, their laughter being contagious has been the start of some amusing conversations.

I don’t expect to be winning any tickets based on my entry….but if you are a woman reading this who happens to have had this experience….and if I made you laugh…or even just got you to smile….it was worth writing :).”

Catlow Memories, by Monica Keane

“The first time I went to the Catlow was to see My Cousin Vinny. First of all, I laughed so much, I just love the memory.  But…I had never been to a theater where I got served those humongous sandwiches from a place like Boloney’s.  What a treat.  So glad the Catlow is alive and well.  A beautiful venue with such great film selections.”

Catlow Memories, by Brian Kelly

“We attended Lincoln a couple of weeks ago.  It was our first exposure to the new digital projection.  We felt like we were in a different theater, it was terrific!  Fortunately, the Iannelli details were a warm reminder we walked to the movie.”  (Alfonso Iannelli was the renowned Italian-American sculptor who designed the Catlow’s interior and worked on projects with Frank Lloyd Wright.)

Catow Memories, by David Cerny

“I arrived into Barrington 6 months ago. I am exchange student from Czech Republic and I’m spending one year in BHS.  Catlow Theater was one of the first things which caught my interest.  One day we finally went there with my friends, I was so excited to see the old fashioned movie theater and my expectations weren’t disappointed.  Although I didn’t like the movie so much (Lincoln was, for me, too long and hard to understand), I enjoyed just sitting in gorgeous movie theater with real spirit and I hope I will visit it again really soon.”

Catlow Memories, by Karen Pfeifer

“I have two favorite memories.  First – Saturday afternoon matinées. Double features of Vincent Price/Peter Cushing B movies were so much fun!  I would sit in the front row with my friends and throw Lemondrops over my shoulder and let them land wherever.  Second – I dated a guy who was an usher.  I would visit him after the movie started.  I saw the last half of The Great Gatsby probably 20 times that spring…”

Catlow Memories, by Cindy Kozlowski

“My 11 year old nephew, Nick, was visiting from Florida. He had been to multi-plexes many times but never a good old historic theater like the Catlow. We had sandwiches from Boloney’s and watched The Bourne Identity. He couldn’t stop talking about how cozy it was. A great way to get away from the heat on a hot summer day.”

Catlow Memories, by Tara Cabalerro

“My favorite Catlow theater memory would have to be hearing the laughter come from everyone in the room as my friends and I watched a hilarious movie.  Just realizing that this place brings strangers together by having something in common….laughter. I am glad to say if i win these tickets, I know that I am going to be sharing laughter with all the others that were lucky enough to get sold out tickets to an amazing show. Please pick me. :)”

With entries like these, how on Earth could we ever hand pick one as a winner?  So I’ve found the fairest way I could think of and turned things over to my kids.  I put all the names in a big red bowl and let our 18-month-old, Tommy, pick the winner.  Taking his picture with the winning entry was the hard part…

Drawing the Winner
Drawing the Winner

But we do have a name to announce as our winner and it is…

David Cerny!

Congratulations, David, and welcome to Barrington!  You said in your submission that you’d like to visit The Catlow again soon and here’s your chance.  I’ll be in touch this afternoon with details about how you can get your tickets.

Thank you to all who submitted Catlow memories in our contest and, Lynn, if we see that picture taped to the door inside the ladies room, it’ll have your name written all over it ;).

If you missed our Catlow contest post from earlier this week, we shared movie trailers for all of the short films playing during tomorrow’s event.  CLICK HERE to find the trailers and, for those of you who have tickets, enjoy the show!

And if you’re like me, a latecomer who missed out on the chance to buy tickets 🙁 , you can still visit The Catlow this weekend.  They’re showing Silver Linings Playbook at 5:30 and 8:30 on Friday and Saturday.  You’ll find The Catlow at 116 W. Main Street and you’ll find them online at TheCatlow.com.


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