Synergy owner Diego Uribe with Synergy Director and Anne Adams - Photographed by Liz Benedetto

For six years, Synergy HomeCare has provided home-based, non-medical services to the Barrington area and beyond. Owner Diego Uribe and his dedicated team work around the clock to ensure that Synergy’s team of highly trained caregivers delivers the very best care to their clients. As they celebrate their sixth anniversary this month, they’re taking time to look back on what they’ve learned, and ahead to a growing future.

Diego Uribe and Anne Adams of Synergy HomeCare of Barrington - Photographed by Liz Benedetto
Diego Uribe and Anne Adams of Synergy HomeCare of Barrington – Photographed by Liz Benedetto

When Diego Uribe’s mother, Gladys Uribe, began her battle with cancer, Diego knew he would do whatever he could to ease her suffering and maintain her quality of life. “She had gone to the gym twice a day for as long as I could remember–she was a very healthy woman,” Diego recalls. “So to see her in pain, and to watch her health decline…it was a very difficult thing.”

______, Diego Uribe's late mother
Gladys Uribe, Diego Uribe’s late mother

Diego, a longtime Barrington resident, had to piece together resources in the Houston, Texas, area to provide the care his mother needed. Though there were many services available for medical and non-medical care, they were impersonal and required extensive coordination from a distance.

“I was upset by the lack of personal attention my mother received. She deserved better than that.”

It was a few years after his mother’s passing that Diego decided to leave his corporate job to pursue a career in home care services.

As Diego researched the home care industry, he was drawn to Synergy HomeCare’s business structure. “It provided some helpful tools for us as we were just starting out,” he says. So in March of 2008, Diego started the first Synergy HomeCare franchise in Illinois…

Without name recognition, Diego and his wife Ana went to work building the Synergy brand locally. “In 2008, we were the third home services agency to receive our license in Illinois from IDPH (the Illinois Department of Public Health).” Diego began by providing home-based services to a select few, while he worked to build a network of dependable, kind, and qualified caregivers.

Since then, amid increasing regulation by state agencies, many home care agencies have come and gone. Synergy has not only remained in business, but has grown significantly: they’ve now served over 500 clients in Barrington and the surrounding suburbs. “We are fortunate that our satisfied clients have referred others,” Diego says. “This business is all about personal relationships and earning our clients’ trust.”

Anne Adams, Diego Uribe, and Erica Uribe-Pechtar - Photographed by Liz Benedetto
Synergy HomeCare’s management team: Anne Adams, Diego Uribe, Erika Uribe-Pechter, and Lisa Babusch (not pictured) – Photographed by Liz Benedetto

As his company has grown, Diego has added to his Synergy team. His daughter, Erika Uribe-Pechter, joined Synergy as Office Manager. Director Anne Adams joined the business following her own experience with coordinating a loved one’s end-of-life care, and brings great compassion to her client contact and caregiver management roles. Lisa Babusch also joined Synergy HomeCare as Human Resource manager to assist with building their exceptional caregiver team. Lisa’s 14-plus years of experience in Human Resources with an emphasis on recruitment, retention and training has added another level of expertise to the management team.

Synergy HomeCare
Synergy HomeCare

Synergy clients are able to select the services they need given their particular situation. Whether they are transitioning from rehabilitation, or anticipate long-term care, Synergy can provide them with the appropriate level of assistance. Services begin with Companionship care, which encompasses everything from assistance with morning routines to meal planning and preparation. If additional care is needed, such as help with bathing and personal hygiene, clients can choose from a menu of Personal Care services to meet their individual needs.

Diego gets very emotional when discussing his personal connection to the services Synergy provides. “The main reason we started Synergy HomeCare was due to experiences with care for our parents.” He says that even as the company grows, Synergy’s core philosophy and practices will remain the same. “As we evaluate the needs of those we serve, we always ask ourselves, ‘If this were my parent, what would be best for them?’ We will continue to make business decisions and provide services as if for our own loved ones.”

Synergy HomeCare - Combining Quality, Compassion and Care
Synergy HomeCare – Combining Quality, Compassion and Care

Diego and Anne welcome your inquiries about how Synergy might assist you or your loved one. For more information on Synergy HomeCare’s services, please visit their website, call (847) 304-0123, or e-mail Diego and Anne at

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To learn a little more about Synergy HomeCare in Barrington, hear from owner Diego Uribe himself in this short video he narrated a couple of years after opening their doors in Barrington.

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