155. Barrington’s Biggest Blackhawks Fan Photo Contest Kicks Off at Heinen’s Grocery

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Ken O'Connor in his Chicago Blackhawks' "Ju Ju" Jersey

Excitement is in the air as Barrington’s Blackhawks fans gear up to watch game five in the now tied Stanley Cup Finals against the Tampa Bay Lightning at 7 tonight. To show support for the Blackhawks, we’ve decided to host another contest in search of Barrington’s Biggest Blackhawks Fan. Do you know anyone who fits that description? We found a few at Heinen’s Grocery where some associates choose to swap their company shirts for Blackhawks gear on game days when the Hawks make it to the Stanley Cup Finals.

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If you or someone you know qualifies as Barrington’s Biggest Blackhawks Fan, enter the contest for a chance to win prizes using the entry form below. All you have to do is share a photo and a few words about how the person you’re nominating goes above and beyond to support the Hawks.

(CLICK HERE to see our winners from 2013’s Biggest Blackhawks Fan Photo Contest.)

To kick off the contest, I took a spin around Heinen’s to talk to some of the store’s biggest Blackhawks fans this morning and discovered that Heinen’s wine consultant, Ken O’Connor has a secret to helping the Blackhawks just when they need it most.  He calls it his “good juju” jersey and says it works like a charm.

Ken O'Connor in his Chicago Blackhawks' "Good JuJu" Jersey
Ken O’Connor in his Chicago Blackhawks’ “Good JuJu” Jersey

“The jersey I’m wearing has what we call “the juju” in it.  I can wear it right now and it’s not going to use any juju because there’s no game going on.  Once the game starts, I take it off and I only put it on when the Blackhawks absolutely need some help.  The other night, for example, we were losing one-to-nothing.  I waited until third period, with ten minutes to go, and I put it on.  Within a couple of minutes we scored two goals and I immediately took it off because I didn’t want to use up extra juju that wasn’t necessary. So, yes, I’m a huge Hawks fan.  On a scale of one to ten, my amplifier goes to eleven! ”

Well, Ken, we hope you’ll be working your juju magic during tonight’s game! So how about you? Tell us about your favorite Blackhawks game-day rituals, superstitions, predictions and/or nominate someone you know for Barrington’s Biggest Blackhawks Fan using this form and STAY TUNED! We’ll be sharing more about the prizes as the Stanley Cup Series continues this week…

Fill out my online form.

By the way, in addition Hawks gear, you’ll find Blackhawks-themed items in Heinen’s bakery on game-days decorated in red, white and black and perfect for parties! Some cookies feature the numbers for favorite hawks players like Patrick Sharp (10), Marian Hossa (81), Patrick Kane (88), Duncan Keith (2), Jonathan Towes (19) and Andrew Shaw (65).  I got to sample a few of these Hawks treats today.  They’re made with lots of love, a dash “good juju” and they taste just as good as they look!

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