361. Menu Monday: A Warm Winter Welcome from Spring Donut

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Photo by Kate Smith

When you walk into Spring Donut this winter, the cozy warm atmosphere full of sweet aromas becomes a perfect respite from the cold weather. The owners, sisters Katarzyna “Kasia” Mierzeyewska and Emilia Augustyn, recently opened Spring Donut after moving here from Poland to share their desire to serve their native country’s specialty baked goods, drinks and food. “Baking and cooking have always been something we loved to do together. We connect best and love people through the food we make” says Kasia.

Emilia and Kasia make all their menu items daily offering pastries, soups, sandwiches, coffee and dessert drinks. The sisters say you must try their signature Kurtos Donut, a traditional European pastry that is hollow, lathered in butter and sugar and roasted until golden brown.

“It is a delicious dough made from scratch each day, hand rolled onto a rod, coated with sugar and baked in a special oven which we shipped from Europe. It’s also called “Chimney Cake” / Kürtős Kalács, which was originally baked over hot coals by Hungarians residing in Transylvania, Romania – the home of the mythical Dracula!”

“Originally the pastry or cake was only baked on special occasions, such as weddings or festivals,” Kasia says. “However the popularity of the product has grown and, once a festive treat, it’s now part of everyday consumption, especially here at Spring Donut!”

During the holidays, the hot chocolate is the favorite treat, made with melted Polish chocolate topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with cocoa–it is as decadent as it is delicious.

The sisters have enjoyed being a part of the Barrington community and light up when they talk about their customers. “So many customers have become our friends,” says Kasia. Emilia adds, “Our customers are amazing and are always bringing in their friends and family.” “I love everything here,” says Iwona Garwacki, a frequent customer who also works in Barrington. “The cookies, soups, Kurtos donuts–they are my favorite”

The owners also expressed thankfulness for their surrounding neighbors such as Phillips Men’s Wear, the UPS store and PURE Organic Juicery. Kasia says, “We have the best neighbors–they are always coming in and finding ways to support us.”

Spring Donut is located at 113 S. Cook St. and open every day. You can also connect with Spring Donut’s latest news on Facebook at Facebook.com/SpringDonut and their new website SpringDonut.com.

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