Letters to Santa from Barrington Children

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Santa and his elves were helped once again by the Barrington Park District who fielded Christmas letters bound for the North Pole. Here’s a peek at darling letters full of hopeful wishes to Santa from children right here in Barrington.  From bagpipes to helicopters, kids in Barrington have high hopes for what they’ll find under the tree this Christmas morning.  One sweet child even asked Santa to help a family member in lieu of gifts.  Here are five letters hand-picked by the Barrington Park District to share with you this Christmas Eve.

Letters to Santa from Kids in Barrington - December, 2014
Letters to Santa from Kids in Barrington


Dear Santa,

My list is on the other side. I think I deserve gifts because I was good, I’m not a bully.  I play nicely, I talk to good friends and family, and I play with people when they ask me to. “Merry Christmas!”





Dear Santa,

I want a bagpipe  for Christmas. Thank you.







Dear Santa,

I have been good.  I want Lego Ninjagomech, Lego Blue Jet Creator, Bumble Bee Rescue Bot, Helicopter, Animal Carrier Truck, Hockey Sticks and Gear. 






Dear Santa,

How are your reindeer doing? I always wonder how your elves can make so many toys.  This year I am going to do a good deed by making a secret santa gift for somebody in my class.  Not trying to be an imposter by being a secret santa.  I keep reading comics of how kids mail a letter to you in a box.  That’s very gready.  

Usually I ask for gifts for my members, but this year all I want is for everybody to be home for the Holiday.  I think it’s horrible that people have to work on Christmas morning. I know I said I wouldn’t ask for gifts but my Mom deserves it. I just want you to wish her luck on finding a job. I love her very much and would do anything for her.


P.S. Merry Christmas

TO: Santa

FROM: (Last name)

 I thank you for flying around the planet.  I love you Santa.  Thank you for giving me presents.  WIthout you Christmas is ruined.  

Love, Sam Weibel.  

I know those elves are working hard. 






Merry Christmas, Barrington! We hope all of your Christmas 2015 wishes come true.



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