Setting Intentions for the New Year Guided Meditation Series with Thomas Balsamo

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Barrington’s Thomas Balsamo is leading the first in a series of five upcoming meditation workshops created to help us set intentions for the new year. Through meditation from 2 to 3:30 on Saturday, January 9th, Thomas will help explore our power to create our own reality through setting intentions.

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The meditation workshop will begin with a half-hour of gentle yoga practice led by Kathy Simonik of Pulsation Yoga at their Lake Zurich location.  The yoga will help release energy in the body, before quieting the mind in meditation in an effort to connect participants with their higher self to find a place of clarity and peace within. From that place of peace and love, through meditation, Thomas will help those seeking alignment with the self. “Together, we will plant and fertilize intentions in the garden of our lives which will reprogram our thoughts and minds as we learn to develop the mindset of a fulfilling life.”

The fee for a single workshop is $38 or $32 each ($160) if you’d like to attend all five meditation session on these upcoming dates:

January 9: Setting Intentions, New Moon, New Year with Thomas Balsamo
February 20: Tapping into your Authentic Self with Marilyn Mitchell & Jessica
March 11: Finding Happiness & Contentment in the Western World with Bhante
April 16: The Journey of Self-Accpeptance with Thomas Balsamo
May 15: How to Empower Your MInd with Bhante

Layout 1About Thomas Balsamo
For his life as an artist, Thomas has been passionate about revealing a glimpse of his subjects’ souls through their eyes. He also has worked for various philanthropic causes, including books and films created to give a voice to children and adults with disabilities. Through meditation, he is continuing this passion by helping others to find peace within themselves, helping identify the blockages that are preventing us from living with peace, freedom from attachment, and boundless compassion.

Pulsation Yoga is located at 729 W. Route 22 in Lake Zurich. For more information, visit

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