North Barrington Students Collecting Shoes for Sunny Hill Elementary

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One of my resolutions for the new year is to set a better example for our three kids by scouting out some age-appropriate opportunities to help others. I thought we’d start by finding one small good deed to do together each month.

Just as we were talking about how we could lend a hand in January, my friend Julie sent me an email about North Barrington Elementary School’s shoes for Sunny Hill campaign.  North Barrington school’s student council is collecting new and gently used running shoes to give to students at Sunny Hill in Carpentersville. Now we have a plan for January!

In a message to parents on behalf of the student council, first grade teacher Maria Kinross asks…

“Have you gotten a new pair of running shoes lately? Possibly you may have gotten a pair as a gift this Holiday Season? If you have a gently used pair of running shoes you are not using, please consider donating them to a friend at Sunny Hill School.  The Student Council will be collecting boys’ and girls’ running shoes of all sizes through January 22nd. Please bring in your gently used shoes and place them in the collection box. Your kindness and thoughtfulness will surely bring joy to a friend at Sunny Hill and allow them to participate in their running club with great running shoes.”

They’re even having a little fun with the campaign by offering a prize for students who collect the most shoes!  So I called the school to ask if we can all pitch in and got the green light.

All you have to do is drop off your brand new or gently used kids’ running shoes in the main office and they’ll end up in the hands of a child at Sunny Hill, where 94-percent of students are considered low income. If you have shoes to donate, you’ll find North Barrington Elementary School at 310 N. Highway 59 in Barrington.

So now we’re left looking for our next kid-friendly good deed.  Anyone have any ideas?  If so, please share in the comments box below and we’ll spread the word.  In the meantime, we’re off to go get some shoes for Sunny Hill!

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