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NoonDaily | Cubs Fever, Kids Books, Carol & Company Gifts & More!

NoonDaily | Cubs Fever, Kids Books, Carol & Company Gifts & More!

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Time for today’s NoonDaily Update, our new approach to gathering information and sharing the good things happening in and around Barrington, Illinois. Each day we publish a post at noon featuring the latest collected photos and information from various sources around town. Read on to learn how you can join us in sharing.


Today’s update is complied with photos and stories submitted by astute observers, local businesses and area organizations (see below or click here for original posts).

Can you match these photos with their captions below?

1. Ten Friends Blow Dry & Style House | It’s always a great day for some pampering and an amazing blowout at Ten Friends, now booking appointments for your holiday parties and events. #tenfriendsstyle

2. AlliSwings | Loving these pretty leaves in my front yard ???  #365barrington

3. Pottery Barn Deer Park | It’s always the quiet gestures of giving that truly make the holidays meaningful. We donate 50% of the purchase price of select items sold during the holiday season to the Give a Little Hope campaign, which benefits organizations that provide temporary and long-term housing for youth and families. Our Cheeky Reindeer Mugs bring such delight in more ways than one!!!

4. carolandcompanygifts | New Lenny & Eva holiday collection has arrived at Carol and Company Gifts!! Jewelry ships free everyday! #lennyandeva Photo by: @lennyandeva.

5. Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital | Nothing better to say than #FlytheW!!! ?❤️?

6. gemmaparenti | Always time for a handstand in the Village of Barrington

7. 365Barrington | Lifelong Cubs fans who are no longer with us to watch this World Series are being remembered by loved ones at Evergreen Cemetery. I stopped by and met a BHS graduate who happened to also be there, Cubs flag & flowers in hand for a special someone from her life. Click here for the story.

8. Notice Barrington – Accessories for Living | Mari is so excited to have these books in store at Notice Barrington! Have a rockin’ time introducing children to the fun of Footloose, rewritten for children by the one and only Kenny Loggins. As a zookeeper named Jack joins the zoo animals in an all-night dance party. This new original story from Loggins, with a bonus CD, is sure to get your feet moving at NoticeBarrington.

9. ScottR116 | Birdseye View of Barrington United Methodist Church

We’ve had a team working on our NoonDaily updates via Instagram since the beginning of the year and we’ve loved the pleasant surprise of seeing others automatically join us in sharing. Now we’re ready to reveal what we’ve been developing behind-the-scenes and officially invite you to participate.

Here’s how it works:

Each day we’ll be publishing a post at noon featuring the latest collected photos and information from various sources around town and we hope you’ll join us! Whether you’re a local resident, photographer, writer, business owner, student, PR pro, marketing guru, non-profit organizer, event planner, REALTOR, religious leader or volunteer, we invite you to please share your news, views and daily snapshots right along with us. Posts submitted will be featured on our constantly updated NoonDaily page at

Here’s how to share:

Everyone can participate by adding photos and updates to our NoonDaily collection one of these three ways:

  1. Facebook Mention or tag @BarringtonIllnois in a Facebook post or publish post to our Facebook page at and your message will be featured on our NoonDaily Update Board at
  2. Instagram & Twitter Add the hashtag #365Barrington or #NoonDailyBarrington to any post on your Instagram or Twitter page and your message will also be featured with our NoonDaily updates.
  3. Submit an Event or Post If social media is not your thing, click here to submit post details or click here to share an upcoming event and we’ll do our best to add your message to the NoonDaily mix.

Why NoonDaily?

Gone are the days when local news arrived only with the paperboy or via regularly scheduled newscasts. Social media has changed the news cycle so dramatically that we find ourselves longing for a return to life with less disruption. At the same time, social media continues to enhance the best part of our work, which has always been learning from your story ideas, recommendations and experiences. NoonDaily is our commitment to gathering ideas and presenting information thoughtfully and regularly with respect for your time. So we hope you will join us in sharing slices of life locally, right here at noon daily.

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