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NoonDaily | Canines of the Barrington Animal Hospital

NoonDaily | Canines of the Barrington Animal Hospital

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We’re sharing a little love for our four-legged friends with today’s NoonDaily update. Pet owners have been placing their trust in Barrington Animal Hospital for over 83 years. Since 1934, the veterinary practice has remained a constant source for health and healing at 216 South Northwest Highway. Today we’re featuring some of their current patients with this look at the Canines of Barrington Animal Hospital. Can you match these photos with their captions below?

Barington Animal Hospital’s mission is to provide dogs and cats with the most comprehensive Barrington veterinary care in an atmosphere of healing, warmth and goodwill. Call 847-381-4100 to set up an appointment today and find more information at Now let’s meet some of those patient pooches as they wait to visit the vet…

Barrington Animal Hospital | Charlie Rose checking in to the #BarringtonAnimalHospital…

Barrington Animal Hospital | Sun’s out- make sure to put those doggy sunglasses on and enjoy your weekend! ? #BarringtonAnimalHospital…

Barrington Animal Hospital | Say hi to our newest patient, Liam. ? ☺️ His mom even made the most adorable puppy announcements with personalized M&M’s! #BarringtonAnimalHospital…

Barrington Animal Hospital | We really do have the most fashionable patients #BarringtonAnimalHospital…

Barrington Animal Hospital | A cute puppy always brightens the day ☀️ #BarringtonAnimalHospital…

Barrington Animal Hospital | Who says lap dogs have to be small? ? #BarringtonAnimalHospital…

Barrington Animal Hospital | @delightfulmr.perkins wishing everyone a happy and safe Independence Day! #BarringtonAnimalHospital…

Barrington Animal Hospital | Blue is excited for another Friday here at #BarringtonAnimalHospital…

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