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The Gardener

The Gardener

365 days ago a good friend in Barrington lost his battle with cancer. For 3 long years he fought hard and never gave up hope. Adam was a loving husband, successful attorney, art collector, wine connoisseur and the best dad to his two sweet kids. A life-long Star Wars fan, he had a collection of lightsabers that he cherished into adulthood. It lightens things a little to think that, of all the dates on the calendar, he passed away on May the Force 4th.

A favorite memory was Adam’s ability to grow the most beautiful gardens every year with his wife, my dear friend, Shirley. One autumn he planted a single clove of garlic which yielded a spring bumper crop that nearly covered their entire yard, or so the legend goes 😉. He even coordinated his garden colors for the holidays. I mean, have you ever seen red, white & blue alliums quite like this before? Adam later revealed his technique for producing these patriotic blooms. I’m sworn to secrecy but, trust me, it is magnificent!

During those last days of his life I found myself low on sleep and at a loss for words so I wrote a poem (or at least I tried) which I haven’t shared, until now. We miss you, Adam. May the Fourth be with you…

The Gardener

We’ll see you in the garden, friend
we’ll meet you by the trees
we’ll hear the sound of your voice in
the wind between the leaves

We’ll think of all you’ve planted as
the storms return in spring
when branches come alive again
and birds begin to sing

The seeds you’ve sown in life now bloom
beside you on this day
from orchards, fields and mountains you
have gathered this bouquet

by cultivating friendships and
tending to all those who
brought color to your world each day
in every shade and hue

perennials of purple, blue,
orange, yellow, green and red
like splashes on a canvas or
bursts from the garden bed

You’ve taught us how to be the sun
the light we must bestow
the soil that helps new life take root
the rain that makes it grow

As life goes on without you here
in the way that we know
we’ll see you in the garden, friend
we won’t have far to go

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  1. As a poet, I can appreciate how the words paint a beautiful picture. This is truly written from the heart and soul.

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