Gifts, Holidays, News, Portraits by Thomas Balsamo

The Greatest Gifts, People & Portraits by Thomas Balsamo

The Greatest Gifts, People & Portraits by Thomas Balsamo

With Thanksgiving just over two weeks away, the seasons of gratitude and gifting collide this month as we firm up our Turkey Day plans and get serious about holiday shopping.

While we’re working on a less-is-more approach to the holiday, this weekend my husband asked me if there’s anything in particular I want for Christmas. I considered sharing my shopping cart as Exhibit A, but thought twice and told him the greatest gift would be time with Thomas. A portrait session with Barrington’s own Thomas Balsamo, that is.

There’s something about seeing Thomas in the studio that makes our kids go a little crazy…

…but like magic his clicks catch moments mid-chaos and the end result is worth everything!

Thomas captures the people you love on camera like no other. But sometimes you don’t see it as profoundly until years pass and the portraits he’s taken of your family over time begin to take your breath away. The gift of Thomas Balsamo portraiture becomes more cherished with each passing year because his images record faces, personalities and seasons that you want to hold on to forever. Seasons we forget about as the kids grow at warp speed and you wish you could get time to slow down just a little.

The portraits we have from Thomas are among my most treasured possessions. They’re the best presents I’ve received at Christmas because the greatest gifts in my life are people, three of whom call me mom. These three take turns making me crazy, I lose my cool way too much and end many days feeling like the worst mom ever, but they’ll always top the list of things for which I am grateful. The added bonus is that, thanks to Thomas, I have a couple of portraits to remind me what it looks like when they actually get along 😉.

Schedule a holiday session with Portraits by Thomas today or give him a call at 847-381-7710 to inquire about gifting a portrait session to someone you love. Learn more about Thomas Balsamo and see his work at

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