Amazing Chess Playing Dog Amuses Family, Wins Contest While Distance Learning in Barrington 220

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We had a blast hosting our Fun at Home 5-Day Photo Contest for the first week of distance learning in the Barrington 220 School District. Thank you to everyone who participated for helping taking our minds off the latest coronavirus headlines. Thank you to Heinen’s Grocery for offering our gift card prizes. We have our final photos and winners to share from Friday’s contest, called PEOPLE & PETS. The challenge? To share a photo of the people or pets who made the first week of distance learning a little brighter for your family.

We again asked Barrington photographer and founder of Let It Be Us, Susan McConnell to pick the winners and she decided first place goes to Grove Avenue Elementary School 4th grader, Adrian Rudzinski with this photo of a little quality time with his dog, Rex. “He is almost 15 years old, very intelligent, super smart and friendly. He learned how to play chess when he was 2, very rare skill for any dog…? But Rex is a special one, our best friend and great company to play with. We love Him so much ♥️”

A dog who plays chess? Now that’s something we’ve NEVER seen before! And right here in Barrington. Wow, our community has a new claim to fame! 😉 You rock, Rudzinski family!

Here’s why Susan says this pic is her number one choice.

“Because chess is a great activity where you can interact with your child, talk about anything, while also learning skills like strategy, compassion, and even humor. We always kept a chess board out in our family room, still do to this day, and take a traveling chess set on vacations.”

And Susan’s choice for runner up is… The Seidel family! “This is my #2 choice because this family looks like they are simply having so much fun using technology.”

Owen Seidel writes, “I loved spending time with my grandparents this week. This week is the first time I couldn’t go see them so we did video chats instead. I like that I can still show them what fun things I’m doing and see them laugh.

“I also liked that I could do PE on video too since that’s one of my favorite parts of school,” Owen says “I’m glad we can do video for so many people so they can still be in my house with me.”

Thanks to you all for playing along with us this week! Gift card prizes coming by mail this week.

Thanks again to EVERYONE who entered! See my friend Julie with the rainbow feather hat her boys made for her below? Her face says it all, doesn’t it? We’re all a little stir crazy by now, but we’re in this crazy together. Stay healthy and stay tuned for more contests!

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