Barrington Student Makes Final Pitch to Reach 2021 Girl Scout Cookie Goal!

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Do you know what tastes especially good during the snowy days of winter? Girl Scout Cookies! These are literally the final hours to purchase cookies from our local Scouts so we wanted to quickly share the story of one sweet girl, a student at Countryside, who has about 50 more boxes to sell to meet her goal before the end of the day.

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Payton Schmitt has been quick to adjust her cookie pitch to account for how local troops are adapting sales methods amidst COVID-19. They’ve introduced contact-free pickup and new options for order delivery and we are impressed by Payton’s confidence and dedication to her mission!

We had a few quick questions for Payton about her goals for this year and here’s what she had to share:

365: What are the options available for cookies, how much do they cost and how can people purchase them?

Payton: There are 8 different kinds of cookies. They are Lemon-ups, Trefoils, Do-si-dos, Samoas, Tagalongs, Thin Mints, Girl Scout S’mores, and Toffee-tastic. My favorite is Trefoils. Toffee-tastic cookies are gluten free. The most popular kind of cookies that I sell are Thin Mints. All of the packages are $5. People can purchase cookies through my Digital Cookie site at . Customers can choose to have the cookies delivered for a small price or they can choose girl delivery where I can deliver the cookies to their door. In addition, customers can donate cookies.

365: How are cookie sales different for you this year?

Payton: Some troops are holding booth sales this year, but my troop decided to just sell cookies online.  Usually, I go door-to-door in my neighborhood. This year because of COVID-19 I created flyers to put in people’s mailboxes. It has a QR code which will direct my neighbors to my Digital Cookie site.

365: How long have you been a Girl Scout? Tell us a little bit about your troop and what you do together throughout the year?

Payton: I have been a Girl Scout since Kindergarten. Countryside Troop 441 has been together since Kindergarten- first as Daisies, then Brownies, and now Juniors. In the past, we did activities to get badges such as dancing, computers, art, first aid, 5 senses and pet. We would participate in Barrington Service Unit activities such as Twilight Camp and Holiday Caroling at Alden Estates.

Our troop went virtual back in March. One of our troop leaders Mrs. Margaret Karolyi organizes really fun Zoom meetings. I really liked the meeting where we did a Pringle Challenge where we tried to stack the pringles in a circle! We have done scavenger hunts around our house too. This year we earned the drawing badge. I liked this one game where we had to draw a bug using different media such as pencil, colored pencils, crayons, and markers.

365: What do you love about being a Girl Scout?

Payton: I love to collaborate with my friends. Two years ago we had the best activity where the Barrington Park District held team building games at Beese Park. I also really enjoy seeing my friends outside of school. Over break, we had a meeting where we played Among Us. Our troop leader showed us how strategy and thinking ahead would help us in the game.  I really love selling cookies. I love meeting new people. Plus, we do fun things with the money. Last year, we donated money from the cookies to the Australian Wildfires.

365: What has being a Girl Scout taught you?

Payton: To have confidence when talking to new people, being kind, and trying new things. I also love to do Twilight Camp because it teaches Girl Scouts how to eat and live outside when camping/hiking.

365: Why would you encourage people to purchase Girl Scout cookies?

Payton: Everyone loves Girl Scout cookies. They taste great and it’s for a good cause!

365: What’s your favorite place to go/thing to do in Barrington and why?

Payton: I love going to the Barrington Area Library. In the summer, I participate in the reading challenges. I like going there to play and pick out new books. One time, my Girl Scout troop participated in an event at the Barrington Area Library where we made bags out of t-shirts.

365: What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie and why?

Payton: I love the Girl Scout cookie Trefoil because it is very balanced between the sweetness and the saltiness and on the cookie there is a symbol of the Girl Scouts.

Want to get your cookies from Payton before sales end today? Click here to go straight to her Digital Cookie page and order yours before the deadline TONIGHT! Thank you for sharing your Girl Scout story, Payton, and good luck with your final sales. I’m ordering ours right now!!!

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