Five Solutions We ❤️ for Creating More Organized Spaces

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It’s February and you know what that means, right? All things L-O-V-E! So, in the spirit of LOVE, I wanted to share with you five solutions that I ❤️ to use when creating an organized space for my home and for my clients.


This will forever hold the top spot in my Type A heart! It’s the perfect solution for nearly every space. Awkward corner shelf…TURNTABLE. Craft Supplies…ooooh…try a DIVIDED TURNTABLE. Under the sink hair care corral…TURNTABLE. Even in the REFRIGERATOR it will keep your most frequently used items within easy reach instead of digging around to find them in the back of the fridge. It never disappoints. Heck…you can grab our beautiful acacia wood turntable and use it as decor on your kitchen counter to house your cooking oils and salts and *BAM* it becomes a two for one – decorative AND functional! Have I convinced you that you need a TURNTABLE in your life?


The love affair I have with Command Hooks runs deep my friends. I keep a stash in my junk drawer…in my work bag…would you believe me if I told you I even use one in my car console to keep our mailbox key handy?? This is the real deal. Inside your cabinet doors is valuable real estate just waiting for a command hook to hold your oven mitts, your bottle brush, your swiffer duster…and when you use these handy hooks you know what happens?? You free up space in a drawer or a cabinet for other items that need that space. Add some to your next Target drive up order…you will not be disappointed in their versatility, I promise!


This is a solution that comes with many options. Expandable drawer inserts like THESE from Neat Method will get your cooking utensils in order with just one simple piece made to fit just about any drawer. Or maybe your t-shirts are a tad crammed in your dresser drawer and are craving a more organized home. No worries. THESE drawer dividers have you covered in both the function and style categories. Or treat it like a simple puzzle and find the perfect layout by choosing exactly what you need with THESE Everything Drawer Organizers from The Container Store (I do love these little guys). Here’s a tip…measure out the inside of your drawer, take note of what will go in there and then build out the layout like a puzzle right in the store using the drawer templates that are located in the same aisle that you find the Everything Drawer Organizers. Common drawer sizes are already set up there for you to build out your drawer exactly as you’d like it…then add to cart and check out! Boom…you’re well on your way to impressing your spouse with that gorgeous new junk drawer.


Now…I’m not going to pressure you into decanting everything you bring home from the grocery store, but I am a strong advocate for decanting those baking items that take on scents and flavors when left in an open bag on your pantry shelf. I’m talking to you flour – sugar – baking soda – brown sugar – and your very close baking friends. I love a gorgeous airtight jar for the sustainability, but there are so many other great options out there. What’s most important is that they are airtight, large enough to hold the contents you are using it for (the last thing you want to do is store a cup of flour in another container), and fit your space. Oh…and if you don’t already have a Brown Sugar Bear….you definitely want one….it’s a game changer!


We easily make the most of horizontal surfaces / spaces in our homes with the use of bins and baskets, but let’s not leave out the storage solutions available from an unused vertical space. Adding a simple Elfa Door Rack Solution to the back of your laundry room door or inside of your pantry door affords you additional “shelving” for easy to grab items like first aid, cleaning supplies, lunch bags…there is no limit. Grab one of the wall pocket style organizers and tuck away off-season shoes or accessories behind your closet door and you’ll instantly feel the magic of decluttering.

And there you have it. Just a few of my swoon-worthy solutions for keeping spaces tidy and NEAT. Will you be trying one of these in your home?

About the Author

Kathryn Gute is the owner of NEAT Chicago, Northwest Suburbs, with NEAT Method, a lifestyle service committed to providing a more luxurious and smartly appointed living space.

Recognizing that life gets hectic and that maintaining an organized home can become a challenge, Kathryn and her team design and implement customized solutions that are not only effective but sustainable and beautiful. They offer home and corporate organizing for all spaces and move/relocation services that ensure every detail is complete. Click here to learn more about Kathryn, give her a call at 440-668-0311 or send her an email at

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