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When you are thinking about hiring someone to help you get organized, it is completely natural to have some hesitations. As a matter of fact, I bet at least one of the myths below has stopped you from making the call to even learn more about whether a professional organizer is the solution you are looking for. Today I am going to share the TRUTH about professional organizing…and maybe by the time you finish reading, you’ll be convinced to schedule a no obligation consultation and take the first step toward “getting organized.”

MYTH #1: It’s Only for Fancy People

Truth: Sure Netflix and Instagram have left us all feeling like we are just not good enough in one million ways, but keep in mind that is ENTERTAINMENT. In real life…there are people just like you who raise families, build careers, spill their coffee, and toss the Goldfish crackers in the pantry right next to the can of enchilada sauce and go on with their day. These people, my friend, are what we call….NORMAL. Day in and day out these people are BUSY. They dream of those beautiful shelves organized by color in their pantry with gorgeous bins and labels but they know they are never going to have the time to do that. But you know what happens the next time they want those Goldfish crackers? They spend 4 minutes scouring the pantry while their adorable toddler is yanking on their pant leg in a fit of rage as if starvation is just seconds away if said Goldfish do not appear immediately.

Let me get back to the point…professional organizers are for anyone who craves a tiny sense of sanity and order in their day to day lives. Order that will save them TIME AND MONEY (because now you can’t find the Goldfish and you’ve gone to Target to get more and you know they cost you a minimum of $100 because…well…Target).

We specialize in creating simple systems for everyday life that are sustainable for YOU and YOUR family. No matter where you lie on the ordinary to famous scale…no matter if you live in a studio apartment or a sprawling castle…working with a professional organizer is truly a gift of time, space, and calm in your every day. It’s a luxurious service available to people just like you that will be custom designed just for YOU.

MYTH #2: People Will Judge You

Truth: The hard honest truth here is…people are going to think whatever they are going to think. Period. Will they judge you if you hire someone to paint your house? What will they think if you hire someone to change the oil in your car? Surely they have opinions about hiring someone to cut your hair. It’s all ridiculous. Who cares what people think? We don’t. You shouldn’t.

Professional organizers are just that…PROFESSIONALS delivering a service that you have deemed necessary and valuable for YOU. That is really all that matters. Trust us…they won’t be whispering at the water cooler when they see your gorgeous and brilliantly functional newly organized home office – or closet – or storage room – or mudroom – or garage … you get the idea.

MYTH #3: It Can’t Be That Hard. I’ll Just Do it Myself and Save the Money 

Truth: Well…this one is tough. Because, personally, I can agree with this. I’d say…no…it’s not that hard. But…creating systems, organizing spaces, and finding order is second nature to me. Heck…it may even be second nature to you. But if all of that is true…then why are you still saying, “OMG I need to get this {insert household space} in order. It just never stays organized.”

I will tell you why. There are two reasons: (1) It is not second nature to you. And that is ok. Because what is second nature to you…is 43rd nature to someone else. And just the mere thought of where to even start to make sense of what is supposed to be your closet is simply just too overwhelming to even begin with even the smallest step; or (2) You could figure it out. If you simply had the TIME. And with your everyday life, ubering kids, preparing a presentation, getting dinner on the table and doing ALL.THE.THINGS. that consume your entire day months at a time…when are you taking the time to create tiny labels to keep your pantry in order?

Guess what? It’s ok to not have to do it all. Know your strengths. Celebrate them and share them. Know your limits. Celebrate them and find ways to fill in those gaps. Then call in reinforcements and celebrate the win of knowing all of those things while your space is transformed into one that brings peace and daily efficiency.

MYTH #4: My House is Too Messy

Truth: Growing up we did not have a cleaning service. We (my parents, my brothers and I) were the cleaning service. However, I did have friends who had a cleaning service. And, I distinctly remember them having to clean the house or their room because the cleaning service was coming. WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?! Why? Aren’t you paying the cleaning service to do that? Surely your cleaning crew has seen “unclean” homes before. I mean…that is what they have been hired to do isn’t it??

This is similar. As a professional organizer, I promise you we have seen homes in all states of disarray and clutter…and you know what? We don’t even notice. Do you know what we notice? We notice a space that is calling out to us to declutter and establish order and we could not be more excited. We notice a client who has taken the initiative to make a change; to take control; and to accept help from someone who will share her strengths creating systems and order so that you can feel comfortable in your own space. We see the possibilities and we are energized by that.

So before you spend more time tidying and shifting things around, just stop and let’s chat. Let our team do that tidying and shifting for you and we promise we will do it with grace, compassion, and the simple enthusiasm that we get to make your vision a reality.

MYTH #5: It Won’t Last

Truth: When we finish up your project, we promise you will love it. We may even make you promise to keep it that way. If only it were that simple. See…the thing is…we don’t just come in for the before and after pictures. Our team will work WITH you to identify and define a vision that fits YOU and YOUR life. And then we will plan, design, sort, categorize, edit and deliver that vision with sustainable systems to match your everyday demands and time so that they last far beyond the after picture.

So…what do you think? Maybe you are a little less reluctant to consider what a Professional Organizer could do for you. If so, please contact us.

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Kathryn Gute is the owner of NEAT Chicago, Northwest Suburbs, with NEAT Method, a lifestyle service committed to providing a more luxurious and smartly appointed living space.

Recognizing that life gets hectic and that maintaining an organized home can become a challenge, Kathryn and her team design and implement customized solutions that are not only effective but sustainable and beautiful. They offer home and corporate organizing for all spaces and move/relocation services that ensure every detail is complete. Click here to learn more about Kathryn, give her a call at 440-668-0311 or send her an email at

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