52. Celebrate the Art of New Beginnings

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Susan McConnell Photography

There’s something about photos of babies that makes me happy. To me, there is nothing sweeter than baby feet, baby folds and even baby drool.

Susan McConnell Photography

This sounds pretty pathetic, I know. But with a 4-month-old and a 20-month old in my house, baby drool is what I do. Is it glamorous, no. But is it art? Well, it is if you’re Susan McConnell.

Susan McConnell PhotographyPhotographer, Susan McConnell has four babies of her own. They’re between the ages of 12 and 22. I have a while to go before my kids are that grown up, but I pray that I’ll never forget how sweet and squeezie they are today. That’s why I’m turning to Susan to help capture the things I treasure about my favorite little people.

Susan is not just a professional photographer. She’s a co-chair of Barrington’s Cultural Commission and she has a big role in planning next weekend’s 1st Annual Barrington Art Festival. Within the past year, Village president, Karen Darch, formed the Cultural Commission to help promote the artists who are living in Barrington and creating their works locally.  The festival taking place here next weekend is one of the fruits of that initiative and it’s the start of an artistic revival right here in the heart of Barrington.

Susan McConnell's Musee MarketSusan McConnell is also starting anew by re-inventing her Main Street photography studio. Just months ago, she transformed her studio and retail space into an art gallery named Musée Market. Musée means “art gallery” in French. But Susan’s Musée is more than a gallery.

At Musée Market, Susan brings photography, jewelry, scarves, pottery and more from the fine art world into our world. And many of Musée’s featured artists are practicing right here in Barrington. It’s Susan’s way of showing the Barrington community that “there are so many artists among us and we don’t even know it.”

When it comes to babies, if you want a photographer to capture yours, give Susan a call.  She understands the beauty of new beginnings, sees artwork in the everyday and is helping breathe new life into Barrington’s reputation as a community of the arts.

Susan McConnell Photography/Musée Market

110 E. Main Street

Barrington, IL   60010


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