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Kelly at Amazing Gracies in South Barrington

Children give us so much.  Mouths to feed, minds to read and messes to clean up.  But mostly, they give us new reasons.  Reasons to get up, work hard, be happy and be better.  Their inspiring little eyes can be the most powerful motivators and, sometimes, they teach us more than we teach them.  Like many good stories, this one begins with a great mom. Her name is Kelly.

Kelly at Amazing Gracies in South Barrington

Years ago, Kelly Ransom spent her days documenting for a doctor researching children’s eye disease. She says it was very serious work and she longed to find a job that made her happier. The doctor noticed and what happened next changed her life.

He told her to go out and find her passion and she did. Kelly found a way to make a living surrounded by beautiful items for babies and kids. She opened her first children’s clothing boutique called “Jump Street” in downtown Barrington 15 years ago. When she learned she was having her fourth child, a baby girl after three boys, Kelly came back to her shop after the ultrasound and quietly hung a little sign changing the store’s name to “Amazing Gracie’s”. This week, that little baby girl turns ten years old.

Today, Kelly owns two “Amazing Gracie’s” shops. One in downtown Barrington at 126 W. Main Street and the newer store at the Arboretum of South Barrington. The walls of both shops are covered with beautiful portraits of Kelly’s daughter, Gracie, taken over the course of her life.

Purple Party DressIn Kelly’s shops, you’ll find one precious display after another of designer baby dresses, sleepers, boy suits, blankets, accessories, shoes, christening gowns, tutus and the hippest looks for toddlers. The clothes are beautiful and they’re exactly what you’re looking for if you want to treat the sweet ones in your life to something special that stands out. Kelly carries dozens of brands for boys and girls, but some of her most popular are Ooh! La La! Couture, Indigo Kids, Biscotti, Kate Mack and Kissy Kissy.  Almost everything sold at Amazing Gracie’s is created by artist moms who started small and now manufacture high-quality children’s clothing. Kelly’s dream is to help kids look and feel like showstoppers. And what baby girl wouldn’t stop the show in these tiny gold ballet slippers!

When it comes to children’s clothing, there’s no doubt that Kelly knows her stuff.  But she shares in other ways, too, and that’s what keeps clients coming back. She gave me great advice when I stopped in after losing patience with my baby girl one day. Kelly told me a story about the kids in her life and said, “They’re a reflection of us, Liz. However you are to them, that’s what they give you back.” I didn’t directly ask for that advice, but she could tell I needed it, and she also knew it was time for me to start buying my Grace a size 2T.

If you want to reach Amazing Gracie’s by phone, call the downtown Barrington shop at 847-304-1170 or the South Barrington Arboretum shop at 847-844-4188. You can also visit their website at AmazingGraciesShoppe.com.  And, by the way, there’s a little more to the story.  If you want to learn more about the seminar that helped Kelly find her new course in life, visit LandmarkEducation.com or just ask her about it.  I’m sure she’d be happy to share.

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