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163. Try a Pie from Sergio’s Pizza

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It’s the busiest night of the week at Sergio’s Pizza in Barrington. On a typical Friday night, the popular Barrington pizza spot serves up about 200 pizzas, and tonight, they have some big VIP orders to fill from the boy scouts, to the high school to Barrington Youth Football. Sergio’s owner, Tony Dioguardi, gave me a quick tour of the kitchen during crunch time today.

Sergio's Pizza in Barrington, Illinois

Sergio’s has been around in Barrington for the past 28 years, but Tony bought the business five years ago. He owned his own brokerage firm and decided he was ready for a change of pace…

Delivered Fresh from Sergio's Pizza“I just wanted a nice quiet place and it’s taken on a life of its own.” Tony says running a pizza business is a lot more work than financial planning, but he also adds, with a smile, “It’s everything I dreamed of, and more.” As a matter of fact, they all seemed to be having a pretty good time prepping for the Friday night pizza rush today. When I asked pizza chef Chuck Musil what he was busy making, he said, “meatballs”. Hmmm…

Now I may not be the quickest cook in the kitchen, but those sure don’t look like meatballs to me, Chuck!

Prepping the Pizzas at Sergio's in Barrington

All messing aside, Sergio’s has a great menu and they deliver! They’re known, of course, for their pizzas, but their bbq ribs are a huge hit, too. That’s because the bbq sauce comes from Tony’s brother, Paul’s popular “Hickory House” Ribs restaurant in Aspen, Colorado. For a full look at Sergio’s menu, check out their website at or give them a call at 847-382-1199.  The’re located at 338 W. Northwest Highway in Barrington. Tony says you can place an order from 11AM through 10PM, seven days a week.  He even says they’ll make your pizza if you call at 10:03. And if he’s not busy flipping the dough, he’ll probably answer the phone.

Sergio's Pizza owner, Tony Dioguardi

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