56. Get in on the New Barrington Dance Craze

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Dancing in the Streets of Downtown Barrington

There’s a new community dance craze taking over the streets of Barrington. “Flash Mobs” have become the latest rage. If you watch Glee, follow YouTube or are a hip and happening reader of 365Barrington.com, I’m sure you know all about them ;).  For those of you who’d like a little background, Flash Mobs are “large groups of people who assemble suddenly in public and perform a dance or unusual act for a brief time, then disperse.” The performance is supposed to be a secret, but a little birdie has let me in on what could be Barrington’s next Flash Mob.

Dancing in the Streets of Downtown Barrington

Barrington’s last Cruise Night of the season is happening downtown on Cook Street tomorrow night, starting at 6:30. My source tells me that, if you’re there at around 6:45, you might just get Flash Mobbed, like this one that happened a couple of weeks ago…

It was all very spontaneous, but Barrington Village Community Events coordinator, Anne Garrette, Bob the DJ and Barrington High School’s video production team might have had just a little something to do with it.

The dancers who performed the last Cruise Night Flash Mob were from Barrington dance professional, Ellen Werksman’s summer Dancewerks Dance Camp. If you trust my little birdie, I’m told tomorrow night’s dancers might be from the Barrington Youth Dance Ensemble. Dancers from Bataille Academy of the Danse also performed at the weekly car show this summer.

Barrington’s Cruise Nights happen every Thursday from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Buicks will take the spotlight tomorrow night because that’s the theme for the last Cruise Night of the season. So you can come for the flash mob, stay for the Buicks and have a good excuse to be dancing in the streets as we say goodbye, for now, to a Barrington summer favorite.


  1. The concept behind a Flash mob is that it is a SECRET. So even if a little birdie tells you something, you still keep it a surprize. Great article though. See you at the bird bath.

    • Hey Big Bird…I’m so honored that you read our blog!!! Sorry if I spilled the beans. Please tell Oscar not to be mad. Also, if you get wind of any more secret events happening in Barrington, please let me know and I promise I won’t spoil the surprize. Have a great night and thanks for being here, Liz

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