91. Survive Christmas

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What just happened?  For me, the holiday hit like a Christmas tsunami this year, leaving a debris-field of pine needles and toys in its wake.  I couldn’t get our dead, u-chop-your-own-Christmas-tree out of the house fast enough yesterday. And I’m so relieved that all signs of wrapping paper, along with that scary Christmas shelf-elf, are finally out of sight.

There must be a better way to celebrate this holiday.  Presents and parties should not be my only  priority.  And I can’t keep missing Christmas mass, relying on Wikipedia for a refresher on baby Jesus, the Wise Men and the point of it all.  I don’t even qualify as a “Creaster” anymore and that’s a new low for a girl who spent 12 years in Catholic schools.  (Please don’t tell my parents.)  But my spirits lifted today when I discovered a great song and a few forgotten photos that I took the night of Barrington’s tree lighting ceremony earlier this month. The song is courtesy of local singer/songwriter, Jennifer Lynn at JenniferLynn.com who shared this music video on our Facebook.com/BarringtonIllinois page yesterday.  The timing could not be more perfect!

And here are the photos that found their way from my camera to my computer today. Did you know the ornaments on Barrington’s tree are hand-written Christmas wishes from kids in our community?

These wishes have nothing to do with toys, but everything to do with peace on earth and good will toward men (and sea creatures).  Christmas next year will be different in our home.  My wish for my family is that we get less (sorry kids), give more and cherish the time instead of racing the clock.

Merry belated Christmas, everybody. Here’s to next year!

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