210. Look Back at a Great Family Vacation

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You may have noticed that I took a break from publishing stories here at 365Barrington.com for about a week.  It’s because I escaped to Frankfort, Michigan with my entire family to refresh, refuel and remember how it feels to stop working and spend time with the people you love.  There were seven kids under six-years-old on this getaway and the highlight of the whole vacation was how excited they were to be together on one of their first adventures away from home.

We joined my parents, my siblings and their kids on this trip and there was no shortage of fun, even during the not-so-quiet times between outdoor excursions. Crazy Aunt Teeny, who always delights, found a new way to entertain while sipping a fine cabernet through silly straw glasses, disguised as a sweatshirt monster.

The cousins found time to laugh and play in a way that our busy lives don’t always allow back at home.

And I love how signs of affection are so easy to show when you’re only two and five-years-old.

We also met a new character on this trip. Blueberry Billy’s eyes lit up when he discovered the little blue treasures growing in this grove. Prying his hands off the bushes was tricky as he raced, grabbing blueberries everywhere, to fill his bucket to the brim.

There’s no doubt the kids will remember this vacation as one filled with fishing, swimming, sand dunes, tubing, days at the beach, campfires and smores. But, for me, this time away has been a great reminder that adventures may await, but it’s your companions who make them memorable.

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