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Bronco's 2013 Season Comes to a Close

After a strong winning record, the Barrington High School Broncos’ season ended on Saturday night with a 14-0 loss to Stevenson High School in the 8A Quarterfinals.  The team won ten out of twelve games played this season, the first time the Bronco’s made it this far in the 8A State Playoffs since 2008.

Bronco's 2013 Season Comes to a Close
Barrington Bronco’s 2013 Season Comes to a Close

But two lightning delays and a wet, cold and windy night did not dampen the enthusiasm from their fans, especially members of Big Red, the student spirit club at Barrington High School.

Bronco Fans Wait Out Lightening Delays
Bronco Fans Wait Out Lightening Delays

Many braved the elements, sticking around to the very end in a strong show of support for the team’s achievements this season.

Bronco Fans at Saturday's Final Game
Bronco Fans at Saturday’s Final Game

Reporter Catherine Goetze stayed with them, too, along with filmers Andrew Cielak (BHS Junior) and Alex Gaul (BHS Freshman) to bring us this look back at Saturday’s game and the fans who helped fuel the team’s winning season.

We caught up with Coach Joe Sanchez this morning for his reaction to the Bronco’s season, which he calls a tremendous year for so many reasons.

“First, not many people thought this team would do as well.  So I know this team took great satisfaction in proving people wrong.  Second, their commitment to each other, the coaches and the plan for success.  This group used what they learned from last year’s team and built upon it.  They committed to the core values of the program – Discipline, Toughness, Commitment, Effort & Family 100% – and along with that they established an identity around the values of Battle & Believe.  Their trust in each other, the coaches and our plan  for success is what made this team so much fun to be around.”

Catherine Goetze did a remarkable job of bringing us to the action on the BHS football field throughout the season.

Catherine Goetze Reports from the Bronco's Final Game of the Season
Catherine Goetze Reports from the Bronco’s Final Game of the Season

She captured the excitement of that last home game of the regular season with the Bronco’s 41-0 win over Hoffman Estates advancing the team to the playoffs on Senior Night in October.

She was there at the very beginning for the Bronco’s season kickoff and Red and White Scrimmage on August 23rd.

And we can’t forget BHS Sophomore Tommy Derken’s great video recap of the Bronco’s Homecoming game, when they defeated the Fremd High School Vikings 35-21.

We also asked Coach Sanchez about his outlook for next year based on the team’s successes this season.

“I feel very good about what we have coming back for next year’s team.  We have many players returning with experience and some very talented sophomores & freshman in the program as well.  That being said, the challenge (as with every team) will be how hungry they are to work to prepare themselves to be successful in the off-season.  The experience only pays off if you are willing to use what you’ve learned to improve for next season.  This year’s team did that and that is why we had such a successful season.”

Congratulations, BHS Football, to a season well coached and well played.  Catherine Goetze said it best.  We are all proud to be Bronco’s fans and we’re already looking forward to next year!

Celebrating the Bronco's Season Victories
Celebrating the Bronco’s Season Victories

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