50. Show Yourself a Little Love with a “Healing Hearts” Bracelet

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There may be plenty of people you’re showering with hugs and kisses this Valentine’s Day, but a Barrington area marketing director is sending out a timely reminder that showing ourselves a little love is just as important.  She’s behind a new campaign called “Healing Hearts” with the intention of spreading a message of love and healing to others with bracelets that symbolize infinite love and gratitude.  The bracelets are designed with rose quartz, which is known as the stone of universal love.

Universal Love Bracelets
Universal Love Bracelets

She writes, “Rose quartz is known as the love stone.  It opens the heart to love and helps the user feel a strong sense of self-worth, therefore being worth love.  Worn on the left wrist, the user is open to receive love.  Worn on the right wrist, the user is desiring to give love.  Love starts from within.  Each time you bless yourself with love you are blessing the universe with your true essence.”

Now isn’t that a lovely sentiment?

To learn more about the “Healing Hearts” mission, the stones and special rose quartz bracelets created to bring healing to women with breast cancer, send an email to healingheartsILOVEYOU@gmail.com.



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