224. Meet Jax: Contender in the Pamper Your Pooch Photo Contest

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You still have time to enter your pet into our Pamper Your Pooch Photo Contest sponsored by Barrington Animal Hospital! The deadline to enter your dog is Friday, August 14th. To enter, all you have to do is share a photo and tell us why your dog deserves a day of pampering in Barrington. We’re having a blast reading about the pets entered so far!  Meet Jax, for example, who loves the finer things in life…

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Jax lives in North Barrington.  His owner, Alexandra Zakos entered him to win a special day on the town in Barrington because he’s been through a lot lately.

“Jax doesn’t exactly ‘deserve’ a day of pampering as he is quite spoiled already but I really want him to win. He’s had a ‘ruff’ couple months, moving apartments and finding a new playgroup. Jax would enjoy a day to get back to himself!”

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So here’s how the contest works:

Using the form below, simply share a photo of one of your favorite canine companions and let us know why your pooch deserves a day of pampering. Whether Fido is a constant source of friendly companionship or Fifi has a way of cheering you up day-in and day-out, let us know what you love most about your dog. We’ll host a vote here at 365Barrington.com to let our readers decide which local pet deserves this collection of FOUR gift-card prizes hand-picked to help you plan the perfect day of pet pampering in Barrington.

Square 250 - Bonejour Pet Grooming$75 at Bonejour Pet Grooming

To maintain the well-being and vigor of your pets, Bonejour accommodates all of your little friends’ needs, offering dog and cat grooming services including basic hygiene care and cleaning standard practices with a little extra service thrown in for good measure. They are located at 109 West Northwest Highway in Barrington and online at BonejourPetGrooming.com.

Puppy with manners patiently waiting for dinner.

$50 at Egg Harbor Cafe

Egg Harbor Cafe offers a specific menu for your furry friends including items like the “Good Boy Charlie” (scrambled eggs, a dry English muffin and bacon), the “Renegade Rollup” (a whole wheat tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, cheese and sausage), the “French Bulldog French Toast” (whole wheat french toast topped with crumbled crisp bacon) and “Chicken and Spuds” (boneless, skinless diced chicken on top of shredded potatoes).

Cody and Carl's Boulevard$50 at Cody and Carl’s Boulevard

Cody and Carl’s dog boutique, dog bakery and pet food market is the perfect place to treat you pooch. Think of it as the ultimate pet gift store with items to delight the most discriminating dogs. Cody and Carl’s is located in the Foundry at 756 West Northwest Highway and online at CodyandCarlsBlvd.com.

Square 250 - Kellwood Studio Photography - 4 - SquareKellwood Studio Photography Session

And to make sure your dog’s day of pampering is one for the memory books, Barrington Animal Hospital will be giving our winner a session (during your day-of pampering) with portrait and pet photographer, KellyAnn Harmon of KellwoodStudioPhotography.com. Kelly has a passion for photographing people, pets and stories to last a lifetime. You’ll find many of KellyAnn’s pet photos currently on display at Barrington Animal Hospital.

With all four of these prizes on the line for one winner, I’d say there’s a dog out there somewhere who’s going to be one lucky pooch!

Now down to the nitty-gritty: You have through Friday, August 14th to enter the contest (using the form below). Then, we’ll publish a post with all of the contest entries plus a poll where you can vote for the dog you believe should win these four prizes. We’ll reveal the poll results and announce the winning dog at the end of the month on Friday, August 28th. And that’s all there is to it!

So, without further delay, here’s the form where you can enter the contest. And stay tuned…we’ll be sharing some of the entries with you in the coming weeks on our Facebook page, on Barrington Animal Hosptial’s Facebook page and right here at 365Barrington.com. Good luck!

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