Voters Share Final Thoughts About Barrington Village President Race on Election Day

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After weeks of what has been a contentious race, today is the day voters have their say in electing the next Barrington Village President. Karen Darch is running for a final term with plans to complete key revitalization and infrastructure projects plus prepare new leadership for Barrington. Mike Kozel promises to be “the change that Barrington needs” with plans to fill up vacant storefronts and reduce debt. The polls are open until 7 p.m. tonight and both candidates say voter turnout is critical. Not sure where to cast your ballot? Click here if you live in Cook County or here if you’re in Lake County.

On our Facebook page we’ve shared posts about both candidates and, judging by responses, feelings are strong on both sides. Here’s a sampling of some of the comments shared via social media.

“To me, pro-growth or anti-growth, Kozel is simply not the right candidate for this job. I don’t trust his backers, I don’t trust his perennial candidacy, I don’t trust that despite his lack of qualifications he wants the biggest job in town, and I fear his lack of understanding of local government is a dangerous liability for all of us. His unwillingness to answer simple questions via social media is troubling as is his campaign communications continually being in attack mode. These are not leadership qualities, and not the characteristics that Barrington needs or deserves in a village President.” – Jerod Z.

“Barrington has been underdeveloped for 20+ years. Time for a change. I would rather have a booming and prosperous village than the empty storefronts and lots which are everywhere.” – Bob W.

“Change for the sake of change already has our country in hot water. Kozel wants to build out Barrington and then you’ll enjoy higher taxes and worst traffic. With Kozel’s inexperience in leadership the Village Trustees will not vote along with him and Barrington will be at a standstill for 4 years. Electing Kozel is risky at best.” – Barrington Our Future

“Is it time to mix it up…. Barrington needs to make a choice.” – TammyLynn

“All you need to do is drive up and down Northwest Highway from either direction to see what people see when they come into our town. It does not look like a thriving environment.” – Todd R.

“Karen Darch is a strong and smart leader for our Village for the next 4 years. Her opponent is backed by out of town builders and zoning attorneys who will change our landscape forever. Barrington is only 5.5 square miles with a population of 10,000 citizens. Supersizing the beautiful Village of Barrington would be regretful and growth for the sake of growth is not responsible.” – Susan M.

Not sure where to go to vote? Click here if you live in Cook County or here if you’re in Lake County. You have until 7 p.m. tonight to cast your ballot and EVERY VOTE is CRITICAL. See you at the polls!

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