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It’s been a while since we’ve played our favorite mystery photo game here at 365Barrington but we’re in the mood to fire it up, this time to kick off the workweek!

The rules will be the same as our past Guess Where Wednesday contest. Simply guess where in Barrington we took the mystery photo and submit your guess in the contest entry form or comments box below. From all the correct guesses submitted, we’ll draw our winner and reveal the location plus a new mystery photo the following Monday. That’s all there is to it! Sound good? Ok, ready?

Here’s today’s Monday Mystery Photo. We spotted this one from the front seat of our car. (That’s a clue, 😉 .) Have you seen this friendly you are beautiful sticker in your Barrington area travels?

We love artist Matthew Hoffman’s enduring message now shared via millions of tiny “you are beautiful” stickers and giant art installations around the world. Matthew started the you are beautiful campaign as passion project in 2002 with just 100 stickers. His goal was to help people feel better every day. There’s something about seeing this tiny sticker that makes my day a little brighter. The “Smile it’s contagious” smiley face helps, too!

If you know where we spotted these stickers in Barrington, submit your guess in the contest entry form below by the end of Sunday for a chance to win this week’s prize which is somehow linked to the mystery photo’s location.

We hope you’ll join us as we put down our phones and pay more attention to the sights waiting to be seen around town. 

Good luck to all who enter! And here’s one last look at this week’s mystery photo.

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