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245. Back to School Photo Contest Winners REVEALED!

 I’ve been inspired by the images submitted in our Back to School Photo Contest and snapped one of our two oldest kids for our own family album this morning.  We’ve been adjusting to new bedtimes and teachers and it feels great to be settling into our new full-day routine at a brand new school.

We had over a dozen submissions in this year’s contest and I had my kids draw the names of our winners out of a hat.  Our contest prizes all come from Avalon Salon and Day Spa at Deer Park Town Center.  I’ll be in touch with all winners today to share prize details and here’s a look at all of our entries together before we reveal the winners.  Take a look at all of these bright and shiny faces!
The first place prize is a “Romantic Grandeur Hair Makeover” at Avalon, with a full hair cut, color and makeup from Aveda’s new “Romantic Grandeur Collection”.  In addition to a new hairstyle for fall, this winner will also receive a full makeup application. And the winner is……

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207. Back-to-School Community Album & Photo Contest Winners REVEALED!

 It’s funny how sending our kids back to school can unleash such a range of emotions.  Getting them back into the swing of the new school year feels like such a relief but it’s a new game when your baby climbs on that big bus for the very first time.  I had a vision of the day we reach that point with our kids while viewing this photo submitted by a Barrington mom named Lindsey.
There’s something a little bittersweet about the return to school at summer’s end.  Off they go with bright eyes, a bigger shoe size and a new air of confidence you don’t remember from last year.

I’m feeling the love out there for our young students after viewing the pictures submitted for our Back to School Community Album & Photo Contest.  It is clear how much you cherish these children and we are right there with you.

From preschool to high school, there are students of all ages represented in our collection, thanks to dozens of parents who shared their favorite photos with captions.
We’ve drawn the names of 3 winners, but some of the photos caught my attention for clever touches like this one, submitted by a Barrington mom named Maria.  With that sunny smile, I have a hunch your little AJ aced his kindergarten debut!  (Even though it might have been a little rough on his mom ;)).
I picked up some great ideas for next year, thanks to the moms who took that extra step, adding info-props to their pics to forever remember these special little milestones…
We have to give a shout-out to the students who hammed it up a little for their photos.  No sign of nerves present with these kids!……

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