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138. “Barrington’s Biggest Blackhawks Fan” Contest Winner Revealed

 Well it sure was fun while it lasted!  During the Stanley Cup final playoffs we hosted a contest at in search of Barrington’s Biggest Blackhawks Fan.  Readers submitted photos and nominated friends (or themselves) for this distinguished honor and we decided to let you choose the winner.
We opened it up to a vote, closed the poll last night and, today, we’re excited to announce that Barrington’s Biggest Blackhawks Fan, with 36% of the votes received, is….…

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121. “Great Dads of Barrington” Father’s Day Contest Winners Revealed

 One of the most rewarding things about publishing is the opportunity to get to know more about you.  We try hard to just be ourselves here and we so appreciate when you let us in on a little about your lives.  It has been an honor to read more about some “Great Dads” in Barrington who were nominated by people who love them in our Father’s Day Photo Contest this year.
At dinner tonight, I put the name of each dad nominated in our contest into a bowl and had my husband draw the first winner.  The person who nominated our first place dad will receive a really cool prize, thanks to L.L. Bean at the Arboretum of South Barrington.  It’s the choice of a $50 gift card to spend at the store or a kayaking session for four people on the Fox River, part of L.L. Bean’s Outdoor Discovery School.  When my husband drew the name of our first winner, I felt so hopeful that maybe this gift will help this family, just a tiny bit, through a really tough time.  (We’re thinking of Landen and his mommy tonight.)  Our first prize from L.L. Bean goes to…
Landen Ried & his Dad, William

Nominated by his son, Landen Ried
What Makes Your Dad Great?
“My daddy William Ried lost his life on May 2 this year.  He was an amazing father that would do absolutely anything for me. We enjoyed working on his Mustang, going to Lake Arrowhead, and going fishing. I am going to be turning 4 this year. My daddy was going to be 27 three weeks after he died.  This is going to be a really hard Fathers Day for me this year and my mommy is trying to figure out how to make it a little less horrible for me.  RIP: William Ried 5/25/86-5/2/13”
(Note to Landen’s mommy – Your little rock star is so lucky to have you!  We can tell his daddy will always be cherished on Father’s Day and every day of the year.)
My 4-year-old daughter, Grace, drew the name of our second winner tonight and this one is very appropriate!  Because this “Great Dad” has five children and seven granddaughters and I’d say, for a big family like that, a $50 gift certificate to Barrington’s new Meatheads Burgers will come in quite handy!  The new Meatheads restaurant is opening in Barrington this July right next door to Heinen’s Fine Foods at the Shops at Flint Creek.  And the second winner is……

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66. Spring Break Photo Contest Winners: REVEALED!

 It’s election day in Barrington and we have results to announce in a vote of our own. We’ve tallied the results from our 2013 Spring Break Photo Contest and have not three, but FOUR winners to announce, because there’s a tie!
We’ll get to that in a minute, but first, the photo which received 32% of the votes cast, the most in our contest, is this one from the Heick family that we call “Spring Break & The Funky Flu Crew”.  They had high hopes for a fun family spring break, but the flu had other plans……

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