359. Family Recipes Contest: Jay’s Creamy Gaaahlic Reds

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Jason Richards' dad inspired his love for cooking

I’ve had some fun in the kitchen today preparing dishes for Christmas Eve and tomorrow’s Christmas Day feasts.  With my 5-year-old daughter Grace by my side, I was reminded of this next recipe submitted in our Barrington Family Recipes Contest.  Jason Richards lives in the Village of Barrington and he says he inherited his love of cooking from his dad who inspired his recipe for “Jay’s Creamy Gaaahlic Reds”.  It’s Jay’s uniquely seasoned and savory mashed potato recipe.

Jay's Creamy Caaahlic Reds
Jay’s Creamy Caaahlic Reds

Heinen’s grocery store in Barrington has given us seven generous gift cards to give away to seven winners in our Barrington Family Recipes contest which is coming to a close. Once we reveal the remainder of our recipes this week (there’s only one more to come), we’ll open in up to a vote and announce our winners by the end of 2013.

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When Jason shared his “Jay’s Creamy Gaaahlic Reds” recipe, we asked him how they became his go-to dish for the holidays and here’s what he had to say:

“My father taught me how to cook and his mashed potatoes were top notch!”

Jason Richards' dad inspired his love for cooking
Jason Richards’ dad inspired his love for cooking

“This was the first dish I made myself for our family Thanksgiving celebration going on 15 years now. I do believe I have a great recipe and, of course, I added my own extras to perfect it. Lots of fresh garlic is the key.”

Garlic Bulb Baked in Foil
Garlic Bulb Baked in Foil

“Also, never use anything less than whole milk if your not a fan of heavy cream.”


3 1/2 lbs small red potatoes

2 whole garlic bulbs

1 stick softened salted butter

8 oz. heavy cream

1/2 tsp. kosher salt

2 tsp. olive oil


Cut the tops off of the garlic bulbs and drizzle 1/2 tsp. olive oil on each bulb, then wrap in aluminum foil and bake for 45 minutes at 350 degrees.

Set aside to cool for 30 minutes.

Boil 3 quarts of salted water, wash and quarter unpeeled potatoes, boil for 25 minutes.

Drain then add butter and heavy cream

Then squeeze the garlic cloves out of the bulbs into the potatoes, mash well and serve.


Stay tuned because we have ONE MORE special, reader-submitted recipes to share here at 365Barrington.com. Then, we’ll open it up to a vote for you to help us select our Barrington Family Recipe contest winners and we will announce their names at 365Barrington.com before the end of 2013.

Here’s the Best Part….

The Heinen’s gift card prizes up for grabs include one $250 gift card, one $150 gift card, one $100 gift card and four $50 gift cards. Now that’ll come in handy as you’re shopping for New Year’s Eve!

Barrington Family Recipes Contest 2013
Barrington Family Recipes Contest 2013

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