285. Start a Family “Tree Tradition” at Festival of the Oaks

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Festival of the Oaks - October 11th, 2014, in Lake Barrington

Citizens for Conservation is inviting families to start a new “tree tradition” by attending a brand new event called Festival of the Oaks from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Saturday, October 11th. The first Festival of the Oaks is an effort to maintain the oak ecosystem and celebrate the area’s existing oak groves.

Festival of the Oaks - October 11th, 2014, in Lake Barrington
Festival of the Oaks – October 11th, 2014, in Lake Barrington

To help, all you have to do is bring acorns in a Ziploc bag with a leaf from the tree they were collected from.  These acorns will help produce next generation of Oak Trees in Barrington by generating seedlings for next spring when you can come back and “adopt” a baby oak to plant in your own yard.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is NOW.”
– Chinese Proverb

If you’d like to join the effort at tomorrow’s Festival of the Oaks, Citizens for Conservation requests that you bring swollen or plump looking acorns that have turned yellow or brown. Make sure to pick them from healthy trees just after they have fallen to the ground or pick them directly from the tree.

Bring Acorns to Citizens for Conservation's Festival of the Oaks
Bring Acorns to Citizens for Conservation’s Festival of the Oaks

The Festival of the Oaks will have some trees for sale, demonstrations on how to plant trees and acorns, nature crafts and a nature walk to identify the trees of our woodlands. There will also be a Lake County Forest Preserve presentation on the restoration of our forests.

The event is taking place at Lake Barrington Village Hall, 23860 Old Barrington Road in Lake Barrington, IL.

Many other organizations will be there presenting information. Admission is free and no pre-registration is necessary. For more information, visit citizensforconservation.org or call 847-382-SAVE (7283).

Why Oaks?

Studies have shown that large deciduous trees including oaks provide many environmental benefits. These trees sequester carbon, remove air pollution particles, trap rainwater to reduce flooding, and importantly support hundreds of species of birds, mammals, insects, and invertebrates.

Unfortunately oaks are not reproducing on their own.  Recruitment of new trees is being hampered by browsing animals such as squirrels and deer. We can help by planting these trees either as seedlings or by protecting plants and supporting native trees.

Citizens for Conservation’s mission is “Saving Living Space for Living Things” through protection, restoration and stewardship of land, conservation of natural resources, and education. For more information about the work they do, visit their website at CitizensforConservation.org.


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