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Barrington Residents Step In for Absent Election Judges to Keep Voting Open at Village Hall

Barrington Residents Step In for Absent Election Judges to Keep Voting Open at Village Hall

Barrington residents step in to help out after the Village of Barrington temporarily closes the polling place at Village Hall. Here’s the story as shared by Village of Barrington resident, Wendy Farley.

“This morning the Village of Barrington sent out an email stating the polling location at Barrington Village Hall would be closed today because the election judges canceled. Cook County was planning to send all voters in that precinct to vote at a location 30 minutes away.

Kevin, a member of our community, showed up at Village Hall as the voting machine vendor was there to pick up the machine and said he would serve as Election Judge today and would recruit his family and neighbors to do the same. Luckily, Kevin and his friends had been trained and had served as election judges in previous elections. Within an hour, (more neighbors) joined Kevin at Village Hall to get the voting station going.

It was inspiring to see our town of Barrington coming together to solve the problem. Voting is up and going at Barrington Village Hall (and throughout District 220) until 7:00 pm.

Please know they have hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes to ensure the voting stations are clean. Please vote today. And please share good news stories. We need them. 😃”

Shared by Village of Barrington resident, Wendy Farley, former Barrington 220 school board member and Executive VP of Strategic Initiatives with the Boys & Girls Club of Dundee Township

The Village of Barrington shared an update via Facebook this morning saying, “While conditions are not ideal during this time of coronavirus and confusion, we urge you to take proper precautions but please do VOTE if you are able.” They also shared this information about how to reach your election boards for the latest information about today’s election at &

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  1. The election judges that were assigned to that precinct should be prohibited from signing up again. Shame on them.

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