Jazz Fest at L'Eiffel Bistrot

142. Jazz Fest at L’Eiffel Bistrot

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If you’re a fan of jazz music, it’s a great weekend to check out L’Eiffel Bistrot in South Barrington. They’re hosting Jazz Fest there with live music tonight and tomorrow night. One of the featured performances will be a session by Hot Club Du Chicago.  They’re a quartet that specializes in playing “Gypsy Jazz”, made popular in 1930’s France.

Jazz Fest at L'Eiffel Bistrot
Hot Club Du Chicago

Hot Club Du Chicago plays the music of Django Reinhart, a guitarist whose jazz stylings from back in the 1930’s and 40’s are credited with popularizing the modern swing movement.  Reinhart and violinist Stéphane Grapelli’s group, called Quintette du Hot Club de France, played their “gypsy swing”  music at the hottest nightclubs in France starting in 1934.  You’ll hear Hot Club Du Chicago’s version of their music tomorrow night at L’Eiffel Bistrot.  But here’s an old school clip to help get you in the mood.

Jazz Fest at L’Eiffel Bistrot starts with two performances tonight, Friday, August 20. The restaurant has set up a stage, lighting and extra seating for guests on their patio. A group called Paris la Nuit will play from 6-8:30 tonight, followed by Barry White and Friends, a rhythm and blues/jazz group which will play from 8:30 to 11:30.  Tomorrow night, a jazz trio will open up the fest at 6PM before Hot Club Du takes the stage from 8-11PM.

Jazz Fest at L'Eiffel Bistrot
Barry White and Friends

You’ll find L’Eiffel Bistrot at 100 W. Higgins Road in the Arboretum of South Barrington and you can reach the restaurant by phone at 847-428-4783. There will be some great performances this weekend and reservations are strongly recommended.

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