Heart Checks at Barrington High School and School District 220 Town Hall Meeting

There are two “Firsts” happening in Barrington this week. One will help keep Barrington teens healthy. The other will help protect the health of Barrington’s schools.  Barrington School District 220 is hosting their first ever Town Hall Meeting to get the community’s input on school issues. And, for the first time, Barrington High School is offering FREE heart screenings this week to help check athletes and other students for serious heart defects.

Heart Exams at Barrington High School

Good Shepherd Hospital and the Midwest Heart Foundation will be setting up exam bays in the High School gym this Thursday and Friday, October 28 & 29. Their goal is to screen 55% of the BHS student population for heart problems that, if left unchecked, could lead to sudden cardiac death. You can read more about the “Young Hearts for Life” initiative and register your student for an exam by visiting MidwestHeart.org.

If you’d like to weigh in on issues facing all schools in District 220, we’re all invited to the district’s first ever Town Hall meeting this Thursday, October 28th.  They’re specifically looking for your feedback in four areas:

  1. Financial Climate –  (school funding, management of fiscal resources, staffing, community trust, state and federal legislation, etc.)
  2. Physical Climate – (class sizes and enrollment, facilities, demographics and diversity, redistricting, healthy and environmentally sustainable schools, etc.)
  3. Instructional Climate – (academic rigor and achievement, gifted education, special education, technology, individualized instruction, global education, optimal time for learning, etc.)
  4. Safe Climate – (student mental health issues, school safety, social and emotional learning, etc.)

If you have specific concerns or questions about any of these areas, district leaders welcome you to submit them in advance with the form which you’ll find by clicking HERE.  The Town Hall Meeting will take place at 7PM this Thursday, October 28th, in the Barrington High School Auditorium.  You’ll find the High School at  616 W. Main Street in Barrington.

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