305. Guess Where Wednesday: Local Light Show

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It’s been a while since we’ve tried to stump you with a mystery photo here at 365Barrington.com so I thought I’d see if this picture I recently took somewhere in Barrington would do the trick. One of my favorite things to do this time of year is play with the settings on my camera to capture images like this one. (GEEK ALERT!) This is sort of a psychedelic version of something you’ll probably pass many times if you’re driving through Barrington this month. Can you guess what it’s a picture of?

Just in case you need a clue, here’s another image taken from the same vantage point.

Ok, so maybe I’ll just go ahead and make it a little more obvious. Does this one make it any easier?

If you can guess what this is a picture of, we’ll enter your name into a drawing next week to win a cool local prize.  The rules are simple and entering is just as easy so why not take a wild guess?  Here’s how our Guess Where Wednesday contest works:

* Submit guesses about where today’s mystery photo was taken in the comments area below for this post
* You have until the end of the day next Tuesday to submit your guess
* Next Wednesday, we’ll draw a name and reveal the winner at 365Barrington.com
* We will contact the winner with instructions about receiving the prize of the week
* Only one guess per person
* Only guesses posted here on this website (not on Facebook or Twitter) will be entered into the drawing
* Your email address must be valid, so we can contact you if you win

There you go! All you have to do is SUBMIT YOUR GUESS IN THE “COMMENTS” BOX BELOW. If you’ve guessed in our previous contests, please feel free to participate again this week! We’d love to see as many guesses as possible. We’re also working on finding more great prizes to give away for future “Guess Where Wednesday” mystery photo contests. If you would like to offer one of our upcoming prizes, please drop me a note at Liz@365Barrington.com.

So here’s one last look a this week’s mystery photo. We’ll share the answer and announce the winner one week from today.


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