306. Great Gifts: Pick a Pen at TT Patton Fine Stationery

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If you’re like me, you probably haven’t even started your holiday shopping yet.  Hopefully for you, you’re not like me!  But in case you could use a few suggestions for great gifts this year, I’ve been putting together a list of ideas for items you can purchase locally.  The guide is called Great Gifts of Barrington and it’s sponsored, in part, by the Barrington Area Chamber of Commerce, a partner in building business success.

If you’d like to find a gift that makes a lasting impression, you don’t have to look any further than TT Patton, the fine stationery and writing store at 123 Station Street in downtown Barrington.

TT Patton Fine Stationery – 123 E. Station Sreet in Barrington, Illinois

When it comes to the art of fine writing, TT Patton owner, Theresa Patton, is an expert and someone you should meet.  She’s a pro when it comes to technology and she fires off texts and tweets with flying fingers.

Theresa Patton at TT Patton fine stationery – 123 Station Street in Barrington

But the cool thing about Theresa is that she truly values taking the time to communicate the old fashioned way.  Her store is filled with items that encourage a return to writing meaningful messages, by hand, and on beautiful stationery.

Personalized Stationery at TT Patton in Barrington, Illinois

So when I asked Theresa for one gift idea that can be purchased in her store this year, a special Vincent Van Gogh-inspired pen she’s carrying today came to mind…

Visconti came out with a line of pens by the artist Van Gogh and they packaged them with a replica of his paintings.  The pens come in ballpoint, rollerball or fountain pen, but the color of the pen accentuates the art of the painting so for someone who enjoys art, who likes history or someone who enjoys writing, it’s a great gift.”

Van Gogh Inspired Visconti Pens at TT Patton in Barrington

The Visconti Van Gogh sets range in price from $199 for ballpoint pens and $279 for fountain pens.  There are four different sets that are available now, accompanied by prints of Van Gogh’s paintings titled Sunflowers, Room in Arles, Starry Night and Self Portrait.

You’ll find a great selection of pens at TT Patton that range in price from $4 to $5,000.

THINK Pens at TT Patton

You’ll also find items like leather journals, fine stationery and notes plus many elegant and meaningful gifts related to writing that can be personalized if ordered in time.

Leather Journals at TT Patton

“With a personalized gift it looks like you took the time to really search for something that was specific for someone.”

“It is clear that you thought about the color, you thought about the size, you thought about how they were going to use it and you selected something really relevant for that person and you ordered it in time for the holidays.”

You’ll find TT Patton at 123 Station Street in Barrington, you can CLICK HERE to follow Theresa’s posts on Facebook and you’ll find her website at TTPatton.com.

If you have found or offer a great gift for the holidays at a store in Barrington, we’d love to hear about it. Please let us know using this form:

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