196. Books & Beyond: Get your #throwback on at the Barrington Area Library!

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Photograph of the letters LOL on a Light Bright Wall
Playing with the library's new giant Light Bright Wall might make you...

I’ll never forget the night before our new Youth Services department opened. Everybody on the staff wanted to play with the giant Light Bright, the slide, the LEGOs, and all the other cool stuff.  We just couldn’t because there were still a million little things to get ready for the morning – no time to play. I felt a similar twinge of nostalgia when the Kiddieland Amusement Park closed down a few years ago – wait, is there still time for one last ride on the Octopus or those cute little cars with the horns that really beep? Summer goes by too fast and one day, as an adult, you wake up and realize life is going by too fast!

Photograph of the letters LOL on a Light Bright Wall
Playing with the library’s new giant Light Bright Wall might make you…

So, the Barrington Area Library is inviting adults for a totally fun, after-hours event where you can slow down the summer and slow down the years – it’s Throwback Saturday! Adults 25 years of age and older can join us for good old-fashioned retro fun on Saturday, July 19, from 7-10 p.m.

Little girl holding golf club.
Why should kids have all the fun? Adults can try library mini-golf at Throwback Saturday, July 19.

What can do you do at Throwback Saturday?

*  Play mini-golf throughout the library
*  Build a fort
Take a trip down the slide in Youth Services
Play retro videogames
*  Take your souvenir photo in the Photo Booth and with some surprise throwback props
*  Yes, play with the giant Light Bright!
*  Treat yourself to yummy, kid-favorite snacks – the diet can start on Sunday!
*  Enjoy throwback music videos on our display screens

Imagine the possibilities. Get a group of friends together for dinner and drinks at one of Barrington’s awesome eateries, then come on over to the library! It’s free, it’s fun, and your Facebook/Instagram photos are going to be amazing! All you have to do to attend is register on the library website – we’ll take care of everything else. Saturday, July 19, 7-10 p.m. – take a trip back in time on Throwback Saturday!

Two little girls sit among large blocks, pretending to sell ice cream
Make your own magnificent creation with the Imagination Playground at the library

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