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A Barrington artist opened a temporary a “Pop Up Gallery of Art” next door to the drive-through Starbucks on Northwest Highway in Barrington earlier this month. For the past four weeks, Janet Mamon has used the space to feature her art and host yoga classes, gong baths and Creative Journey workshops. And tonight, she’s giving back by hosting an art sale for a local cause devoted to helping kids with thoughts of suicide.

Janet says she’ll give 50% of the proceeds from the sale of her artwork tonight to HERE in Barrington, a coalition of youth, parents and community members providing resources to promote positive mental health and reduce the occurrence of suicide.  For Janet, it’s a cause that hits close to home.  “I was in that very place years ago and struggled as a teenager with some of my own thoughts….”

“About ten years ago, I was in a really dark place, but I was able to discover art and it saved my life. When I’m in front of a blank canvas, it offers me a safe place to let my emotions out and the canvas will hold all of it. There’s no judgement about the past. There’s no expectation about the future. There’s only release of my stressful thoughts and the magic of the here and now.”

Barrington Artist Janet Mamon

At Janet’s Pop Up Gallery, you will see over 130 of her paintings in oil on canvas ranging in size from 4 x 4 to 9 feet high by 7 feet wide and ranging in price from $25 to $8,000.  She is best known for her landscapes, skyscapes, abstracts, still life and figurative art.  To meet the artist, view her work and get to know her philosophy about the healing power of art and meditation, drop by her gallery gathering from 6 to 9 p.m. tonight, Thursday June 28th, at 118 S. Northwest Highway. It’s in the space right next door to Starbucks. She’ll be serving wine, coffee and appetizers and she hopes to see you there! To learn more about Janet and see her work, visit her website at JanetMamon.com and to learn more about the work of HERE in Barrington, visit HEREinBarrington.org.

Courtesy of Barrington Artist, Janet Mamon

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“Perhaps the most hurtful impact of the stigma surrounding mental illness is the common belief that women with mental illness cannot be good mothers. In a society that values ‘self-sacrificing mothers’ and rewards adherence to gender norms, we often deem that a ‘good mother’ has few needs and challenges of her own; rather, she can commit herself in her entirety to her children.

Mental illness can certainly make some aspects of motherhood more challenging, but it doesn’t disqualify those of us living with a mental health condition from being good parents. In fact, research suggests that many issues faced by mothers with mental illness are generic to all parents. While mothers with mental illness may experience more unique challenges from their symptoms, or from medication and treatment obligations, these risks can be managed with the guidance of a good collaborative care team.”

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